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Today we received a package of goodies in the mail courtesy of Oma. It included little baggies of Halloween treats and of course they were happily received by everyone at my house. But what I enjoyed most about this particular care package was the box it came in. Behold:

This, my friends, is the box which contained an original “Digi-matic-P8 Portable Electronic Calculator”! Is modern technology not a wonder to behold???

It’s hard to grasp the actual size of this marvel of technological ingenuity without something to compare it to, so I grabbed the closest thing I could find to give you some perspective.

A calculator that was as big as a bunch of bananas! Or a toaster! A frying pan! Amazing! I wouldn’t be surprised if some people thought a calculator a silly investment when it is as big as a dinner plate and one already carries a decent calculator around on one’s shoulders.

Apparently my father purchased this calculator in 1975 for more than an iPod shuffle costs today. I haven’t asked him but I’m guessing it was useful to him as a teacher. My father is the original early adopter. (Actually I don’t know if this is true. How long have calculators been around? I could google it but I’m ok with not knowing some things!)

Of course I had to tease my mom about this old box, but in truth, considering how old it is, it’s a great sturdy box and still perfectly useable despite some wear. Much better than the kinds of packaging most items come in these days. It seems like a shame to throw it into the recycling bin. I think I need to find a way to give it a new purpose.

Like fill it with 40 pocket calculators.

2 Responses

  1. Rana Says:

    I think that box should become “The box your family gives gifts in.”

    And by that I mean you now need to give it to someone with a gift in it and then they have to pass it along…that way the box stays in the family.

    You are right! They don’t make boxes like they used to.

    And also….I think the Abacus was the first calculator! Ha ha ha!!!

  2. Caroline Says:

    I was all excited to see how beautiful the box was.
    Hah that box even came along with the move to Mb that’s what surprises me. It was obviously put to good use.
    Now I am curious I want to see what the calculator looks like.
    ok I must admit I like those big calculators, brings back memories and they were easy to use, you could actually see the numbers and symbols.
    I love the ones that preceeded this fancy modern one, those that made loud clunky noises. Those were the days, my young relative.