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Avery got her ears pierced last week. This probably doesn’t seem like a big deal to most people. But if you know my daughter you know she is pretty much vehemently opposed to being punctured. Period.

She has never been the type that you have to drag kicking and screaming into the doctor’s office for her vaccinations or flu shot. Instead, she frets quietly, working herself into a private mental frenzy. Almost more heartbreaking than a physical outburst is the obvious terror on her face and the clear mental agony and the tears squeezing out of the corners of her eyes as she prepares for these kinds of shots.

So ever since she learned about the possibility of ear piercing she was 100% committed to never allow such violence to be perpetrated on her earlobes. I was content with that. I figured at some point she’d probably change her mind but I certainly didn’t feel the need to try and convince her otherwise.

And then, in what we’ve come to recognize as Avery’s way, she came from school one day and out of nowhere announced she wanted her ears pierced. After seeing there are some fun things about wearing earrings, and I guess a little bit of peer envy, she decided she was willing to put herself through the ordeal of getting the piercing done.

I did some research about piercing options in our area and on the advice of several friends I realized that there is a very strong case for doing piercing with a needle as opposed to the “gun” that a lot places use these days. Cleaner, safer, and less painful. But how to convince Avery that a needle would be better than the gun when she is terrified of needles? Riiiight.

You know those moments when you just couldn’t be more proud of your child for one reason or another? I had a moment when I watched her face her fear of needles and bravely sit herself down in that chair and allow someone to violate her earlobes! I don’t know if it’s the earrings or the maturity that I saw in her when she got them, but she looks so much older to me!

2 Responses

  1. SZ Says:

    Congrats Avery!
    I remember the same feeling of braving getting the ears pierced after both Ciara and Cassi got theirs done.
    Its looks really pretty. and the toothless grin to boot!

  2. Melinda Says:

    Ahh, I remember when I got my ears pierced… though I was much older than Avery (I was 23 years old!). But kudos to her, and take care of those lobes- there are all kinds of fun earrings out there!!