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Dear Chosen Child, Letter #4

Dear Little Girl,

I picked these up today in anticipation of Canada Day. One for your sister, one for your brother, and one for you.

You won’t be with us on Canada Day this year. I dare to hope you might be home with us by next July 1 but if not, the shirt will hold until that time. Come home soon baby.


5 Responses

  1. Rana Says:

    Oh love it!!!

  2. Caroline Says:

    with glowing hearts….sweet!

  3. Becky Littlechilds Says:

    Shannon! This is awesome.

  4. candra Says:


    i met you at Jaspar’s ballet and just happened on your blog as I was blog surfing! All the best as you continue in thie wait for your child.

  5. Ruthie thompson Says:

    ow… that was so sweet!a bit sad but still!:D