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This post brought to you by the letters F and U and hypoglycemia

It’s 2am here and I’m awake because my body is malfunctioning once again. A sweet case of hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) has me up and enjoying  the sweats, shakes and a mind that is both foggy and eerily focused on random topics. Sometimes diabetes is like getting kicked in the balls and the kidneys and the teeth, too.

I’ve had diabetes on the brain today for various reasons (not all bad). I spent several hours this afternoon with an insulin pump consultant because I am hoping to be able to replace my current pump with a new one and I’m seriously considering switching brands. The talk has me seriously excited about the possibilities with the new pump and so we’ll see where we get and if my current insurance coverage will actually pay for the pump like I’m hoping it will.

The very lovely insulin pump rep told me about Kerri at sixuntilme who blogs about life with diabetes and I looked her up as soon as the rep left my house. It was like sitting down with someone who truly gets it. I dont’ write about diabetes a lot, but it is obviously a huge part of my life and I know very few people who live with it and I don’t know anyone personally who uses a pump like I do or who has children or has done this as long as I have. So it was so exciting for me to read some of her posts about what it’s like to be up in the middle of the night, feeling as crappy as I do at this moment and knowing how I’ll be feeling in the morning with the low blood sugar hangover, and know that I’m not alone. Is it possible to bring on low blood sugar by reading about it?  Eek??

But what really got me thinking about blogging in the middle of the night? Orange Juice.  I have typically used orange juice to treat low blood sugar at home and obviously there are times when my blood sugar is low and so it the pitcher of juice I usually have in the fridge. It’s expensive to buy those 2L cartons of pre-made orange juice so I buy the frozen concentrate stuff, however the obvious downside of those is…their FROZEN. So when I’m awake at 2am, shaking and sweating and desperately needing that juice fast, the last thing I want to be doing is trying to thaw a chunk of orange ice.

Now let me show you something….

Tada!!! No metal cap! I can zap this baby for a few seconds and it is ready to make! I’m totally sure that no one at McCain thought about how this little concept could save my life, but one day it could. Sometimes I need that juice fast. Yes, their juice is a little bit more expensive than other brands of a similar product (ahem, McCain, could you do something about that?) but this is not just about convenience. In a moment when speed is of the essence, this juice is so much easier to open and the fact that I can prepare it in a minute is a HUGE DEAL!

So McCain, diabetics everywhere (or,uh, here in Canada anyway) salute you for your diabetic friendly packaging. You have no idea what a big innovation this is for people like me!

Aaaand now I’m going to check my blood sugar again and hopefully get some more sleep! If I look a bit groggy tomorrow morning you’ll know why!


2 Responses

  1. Lori Says:

    It is remarkable how you deal with all a mother deals with, AND diabetes.

    Hope your day wasn’t too rough after so little sleep.

  2. Sara Says:

    You just left a comment on Jen’s blog and I clicked on your name and to this site it sent me.

    I have had type I diabetes for 22 years now. Of that 22 years, I’ve worn an insulin pump for 21 of those years. I’m on my 6th insulin pump and I’ve had 4 children. I’d love it if you would post more. No, you don’t run into people that much who have an insulin pump, children and yes, the low blood sugar hangover. Which I hate by the way. It ruins my day. Seriously.