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Of this I am absolutely convinced…

It is infinitely more difficult to trim the finger/toenails of a squirmy two year old than it is to clip an infant’s. And that’s saying something!

Same goes for hair cuts with the clippers. Note to self: NEVER attempt to do that again without the hubby’s assistance. Or a size 2T straightjacket.

2 Responses

  1. ian Says:

    I’m no genius here, but it seems this is nothing a shot of Niquil or Tylenol PM can’t fix…


    Toooo true! The wee one always gets clipped during her unconscious phases, of which there are still a plethora…works like a charm.

    I love how you are playing out all my future battles in 4D for me and the rest of the world…it is appreciated. Not always super soothing and/or calming…but appreciated.

    Fight on mighty Xena-Mom!!

  2. Caffeinatrix Says:

    In my experience it doesn’t get any easier. My almost 4 year old STILL squirms like crazy!