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Not That It Happened To Me Monday: The Youtube Edition

When they’re feeling desperate and the kids are crazy bored, some parents might look for alternate forms of entertainment involving the idiot box babysitter television. Some families have an Apple TV which allows them to surf YouTube from the comfort of their living rooms. Some families might let their children enter search terms and watch random YouTube videos in order to shut them up keep them busy.

Not my family, of course. But, you know, some families.

Most families would think it is important to supervise children while they search for generally innocuous things like “kitten” or “ballet” or “baby” because unfettered access to the interwebs is not necessarily prudent for small children.

Then again, some husbands parents might think it would be ok to pop upstairs for an hour a few minutes while their innocent five year olds watch videos of ballet dancers and giggling babies. Because how could you go wrong searching for “baby” on YouTube?

Some husbands parents may not have realized that this simple word, when entered into YouTube’s search field, might expose one’s child to a vast array of wildly inappropriate materials including, but not limited to, sexuallly graphic music videos, an animated video of vaginal childbirth, frightening videos of altered infants (terrifying to my five year old a little kid) or a disturbing cake made to look just like a baby. Not to mention this dude.  

Some parents might end up with a traumatized child who talks about the “scary baby movie” weeks after the incident of brief non-supervision.

Not that this happened to my husband us. But imagine how guilty and irresponsible some parents might feel if it did! Oops.

7 Responses

  1. ian Says:


    I say the sooner the better! Might as well have them discover the world under your roof, rather then at school or at a neighbors house.

    Better you have those ‘akward’ talks with them now, then when they learn who-knows-what from who-knows-where and don’t feel they can talk to/trust you about it after the fact…

    good times.

  2. Nellie Says:

    Thanks, I’m at work, only clicked on the ‘altered baby’ out of morbid curiousity, and have promptly jumped out of my chair, hit my melon on the ceiling, while simultaneously shitting my pants. I’m sure the folks at the Chamber Biz after 5 will be duly impressed … LOL

  3. S Says:

    you can youtube from your living room??? cool.

  4. Karly Says:

    I kinda like when my idiot husband does stuff like that. Then I get to hold it over his head and torture him about it for years and years.

  5. Julia Says:

    So, just to be clear, which one of these “scary baby movies” was Avery traumatized by? I’m guessing the “birth” one, because even I remember talks about seeing that in high school health class…but that baby-cake was seriously freaky too! *shudder*

    But on the flip side, I admit to laughing over this post just as much as I shuddered in horror. 😉

  6. Greg B Says:

    YouTube was the biggest motivator for us to make our kids their own account on our computer, complete with the most stringent parental controls.

  7. Jen L Says:

    Wow! I finally stopped laughing! Great post, I can TOTALLY appreciate it. Baby cake – VERY strange….